Ourstorian: The Art of Research

Monica Bennett is a self-styled Ourstorian. Her definition of an Ourstorian was published in the Urban Dictionary in 2018, and it read; “An Ourstorian is one who researches chronological records of events or pattern of behaviors relating to one’s own national or tribe and then writes about it and shares the findings.”

She has discovered that the truth of history isn’t conveniently indexed in single-source textbooks. She has found it imperative to examine a variety of information, weigh out the evidence, no matter how unconventional, and draw or finalize your own conclusion.

She likens the art of researching to a complex jigsaw puzzle minus having the picture on the front of the box in advance.

In this topic, Monica will speak on the following talking points:

A recap of the Negroes’ history as taught in the Western school system.
Going beyond the textbooks to examine works from a broad and unbiased source of information.
Comparing the history taught in the Western school system with ancient writings, scholastic sources, and content from past and present authors.

This presentation can be modified to fit your timeslot. However, please allow for a minimum of 30 minutes plus an optional Question & Answer session.

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