Identity: The New Four-Letter Word

Monica Bennett pulls back the curtain, ignoring the message of the feeble old man to pay no attention to him. For one-thousand years, the old man has orchestrated the identity changes of both autochthonous and heterochthonous nations. In addition to national identity changes, he has successfully changed land names and land location, in other words land locations are not where we are told they are.

What the old man didn’t anticipate; is that the yellow brick road that paved over information, has become the information superhighway.

Monica takes an academic approach using modern scholastic sources and ancient biblical narratives to; identify nations and people, their land inheritance, and their connection to modern-day people. Are you ready to hear the truth? Or, does it speak to you like a four-letter word?

This presentation can be modified to fit your timeslot. However, please allow for a minimum of 30 minutes plus an optional Question & Answer session.

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