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The event experience is engaging and relevant for Associations, Faith/Churches, Non-profits, Colleges and Universities. Your attendees will learn how buried history have influenced our present behaviors and how uncovering history will directly impact our future.

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Ourstorian: The Art of Research

The Art of Research

Go beyond textbooks. Examine works from a broad and unbiased source of information to get to the heart of the matter. Who are the North American Negroes, really?

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Identity: The New Four-Letter Word

Identity The New Four-letter Word

Monica takes an academic approach using modern scholastic sources and ancient biblical narratives to; identify nations and people, their land inheritance, and their connections to modern-day people.

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Europe Through the Looking Glass:
White-Washed History

Europe through the looking-glass, the white-washed history

Did the 1871 children’s literature by Lewis Carroll try to tell you something? Are you even listening? Your imagination not required on this journey, just your open-eyes.

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The Copper-Colored Tribes of the Americas: Pre-Colonization

the copper-colored tribes of the americas pre-colonization

Travel with Monica down rabbit holes that started in the West, then over the Great Sea to the East, only to be lead back to the Americas. What's up with that?

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Born into the New World Order

born into the new world order

We’ve all heard the term “new world order”. But, did you know if you were born within the last two millenniums, then you were born into the regime change.

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