"For Secondary Education Students"

What is the value of X? A Learning Game Designed With Middle and High School Students In Mind.

:A Quest to Discover X:

The iGeneration,the young adults, have grown up with the proverbial silver iSpoons in their hands. You know, the iphones, ipads and other electronic devices.

Don't get me wrong; I'm certainly not knocking technology. I simply want to see the iGen make better use of it. There's an entire world out there, both past and present, to explore using today's technology.

That's why I've designed presenting my findings, to the iGen students, in a format they will find fun, familiar, and educational.

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How 'The Game' Works?

Each team will travel to different lands and different time periods. They must rely on each other to decipher ancient messages (terminologies), determine the authenticity of found artifacts, and step through portals (video clips) to collect information as it is happening. The winner of the game is the team who correctly solves for 'X'.
Hint: X equals the answer to the question, "Who were those people?"

The Teams.

Students will be divided into two competing teams. It’s okay if the teams are not evenly divided. Let's face it, you and I know that it'll be 1 or 2 students on each team who don't require any motivation to participate. That was a tip from my 16 year old daughter. Next, team members must choose one person to be the Scribe. The Scribe will have approximately 2 minutes between each round to record the team's answers. Before the quest begins, each team will be given 3 Quest coins. They must decide, as a team, when to exchange a Quest coin for a hint or to ask a direct question.

The Rounds.

Round One: Decipher Ancient Messages. While visiting ancient temples, team members must decipher the messages written on the walls. The messages are actually modern terminologies. Skills they need to decipher the messages are; reading comprehension, thinking, and the ability to have fun. They can receive extra points if they can tell me whether the message is important, and when they initiate questions on their own. They don't need to know that part, SOL (snickering-out-loud).
Round Two: Collect Artifacts. Team members will view artifacts such as; coins, statues, and portaits. They must first determine whether it's real or fake and present an argument for their decision. Points are rewarded based upon answering the following set of questions:
If a portrait, what do you think his/her position or title was?
What timeframe do you think the artifact was originated?
What land do you think it was originally in?
What land do you think it originated from?
How do you think the artifact was used?
Round Three: Portal Transport. Team members will travel back to a not so distant past, to witness original speeches given by American leaders. Team members should ask themselves, "Do we have enough evidence, presented from all rounds, to solve for X?"

How Presented.

Using the "power" of Powerpoint and Camtasia, my favorite video editing program, I'm able to create a presentation that has nearly the same look and feel of any popular Quest video game, without actually being a video game. In addition to displaying images of real artifacts in related background scenes, the game will include soundFX and voiceovers. Team members do not interact with the physical game, as it will be projected on a screen or monitor, whichever is available.

The Objectives.

To show the iGen young adults that there are better ways to utilizing their technology skills than just accessing Apps, music videos, snapping selfies and participating in RPG games with other unknown players. Students participating in my "Quest to Discover X" games are embarking on a journey....together....as a team...with real people.

They become winners far beyond the prizes their "teachers will provide". SOL

People of color will gain a new perspective about themselves. A perspective that can open doors to Self-concept, Self-worth, and Self-esteem....invaluable!!!
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