University-Level Presentation

Monica the Ourstorian will guide your students on a thought-provoking quest to discover who are the North American Negroes.

About The Quest

Travel with me on a 45-minute journey of self-discovery, without leaving the comfort of your own classroom.

This Quest will teleport you back to the earliest usage of the term “Negro”, the people who created the term, and the people whom it applied to. The evidence presented, at warp speed, is by no means exhaustive. So, buckle your seat belt and get ready to accelerate a 7-year journey in 45 minutes.
Evolution of the term Negro

At this stop, you’ll review the etymology of the term “negro” and scholastic sources defining the term and identifying a people labeled as Negroes in North America.

About the English colonizers

Is it not prudent to investigate the people who gave the Negroes their history? Well, isn’t it? Are the Europeans autochthonous to the land called Europe? At this stop, you’ll examine a scholastic textbook adopted at more than 1000 schools and translated into six languages to shed a little light on the subject.

Secondary sources: Authors & Leaders

At this stop, you’ll examine evidence from past and present political leaders, religous leaders and modern authors.

bringing it all home.....or will it?

At this stop, you’ll examine two popular dictionaries, used for studying biblical narratives, for a clearer inner-standing of who the North American Negroes….are NOT, contrary to popular belief.

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