Video Presentation:
[will be uploaded by Jan 14th, 2019]

About This Month's Topic:

Opening - 10 minutes Introduction & Seating
30 minutes – Presentation by Monica the Ourstorian
An hour and 20 minutes – Community roundtable discussion

In this month’s topic, you will discover;

The evolution of the term race.
The Who, When & Why skin color classification became a 'thing'
How ancient civilizations classified people? We'll cite the book of GENEsis to learn 4 identifiable classifications of people.

Information presented in this 30-minute presentation is by no means exhaustive. However, the selection, organization and presentation of the materials should be enough for you to draw an insightful conclusion. I hope you become inspired to take your own journey "behind the curtain.

Your RSVP is appreciated, as seats are limited. Simply txt me @ 919.792.8226 and let me know how many attending and on which date. Thank you.