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Some of our grandparents, and many of our great grandparents, could very well agree with the topic. However, the generations who entered the western school system after them may not be familiar with this knowledge, until recently perhaps.

Their indoctrination was orchestrated by the descendants of the English colonizers who held their ancestor’s captive. If you think the history that you learned is wholly accurate, then I highly recommend that you read the book called, “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Meanwhile, I’d like to invite you on a 20-minute pilgrimage with me and afterwards a 90-minute community discussion on the content presented. Bonus: Africans Ain’t Africans, either.

The Video. In the 20-minutes video presentation, you will view several early American scholastic sources evidencing that the elites knew that African Americans were not Africans when they methodically re-wrote their history. I’m sure it didn’t take much effort since we were taught that we didn’t have a history prior to 1619. Bonus: You have an amazing ancient civilized history….and your future is most promising.

The Discussion. Open discussion surrounding the content presented, relevant content brought to the table by the community in an open and politically incorrect environment.

Who Should Attend? Secondary, high school & college students, family members young and old, pastors and school administrators. Anyone who has an interest in learning why the records show that “African Americans ain’t Africans”.

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Thank you.
Monica the Ourstorian and Host

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